Why Do People Love Playing Roulette? – Know the reasons 

You place a cool twenty on red. You just have a good feeling about it. The wheel spins, and the silver ball of fate bounces around on the numbers as tensions rise and breath catches. It finally, finally comes to rest on one of the coloured squares, and there is either the complete elation and exhilaration of a win or perhaps on this occasion, you experience the crushing disappointment as you realise that the odds have certainly not been in your favour.

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The roulette wheel is one of the most iconic pieces of casino imagery, and one of the most popular games to play for so many reasons.

The most obvious of which is the simplicity of the game. Unlike a lot of casino games, the roulette wheel does not come with a whole lot of rules. It takes mere minutes to learn and understand, and there is only really win or lose. It is a game that anyone at all can play (as long as they are old enough, of course!), regardless of experience or knowledge, and is one of the best ways to take advantage of the myth that is “beginner’s luck”!

It could also be argued, that roulette is a more simple game, mainly because it doesn’t really rely on reading another person. No one can really know where the ball is going to land, so there is no real need to psych out your opponents or work out what the other person is thinking – the only thing that decides your fate is that little silver ball!

Another appeal of roulette – particularly online – is that it is quick, almost instantaneous. A lot of card games are a more long haul game, with moves being planned far in advance. With roulette, you make your choice, red or black, perhaps a number, and spin the wheel. If it lands on your choice, you win, otherwise, you lose. The best thing about this approach is that, despite what some people may believe, each spin in a new round. Of course, some people believe in “lucky streaks” so they may feel as though the spin before affects the spins that come after, but technically, and mathematically, that is not the case. Each spin is a clean slate and a new chance to win big.

There is also the tense wait as the ball settles – ultimate excitement! Many card based games, or other table options, are slow paced with their tension, whereas the result in roulette is fast and instantaneous. You don’t have to sit through a silent round of card shuffling and furrowed brow; you can spin the wheel and (hopefully!) cheer out loud.

Due to the lack of a need to strategically think or come up with a roulette strategy, one of the best, most appealing aspects of roulette is the risk. There is not a lot you can do to improve at roulette, or techniques you can perfect so the risk is high and the tension palpable with every spin – it’s no wonder it’s such a well-loved and somewhat addictive game!

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