The Implications Of The Internet And The Role Bitcoin Plays

War is stirred by dehumanization. I like to believe that humanity is inherently a benevolent race, and I’d argue that history shows that; our advancement and kindness has far outweighed the negative. What allows a person to intentionally end the life of another is one of three things, self-defense, the desire for possession, or a rooted desire fueled by hatred for the targeted individual. The average moral human would not kill for possession, so barring mental disabilities, what turns a human into something without humanity? Propaganda, lies, mob mentalities, what allowed the entire world to engage in conflict with itself; twice, was nothing short of brainwashing. Citizens of countries, taught at birth, raised their life to believe that all people of a nation are evil, selfish, terrible, beings that hate everyone in their nation, and desires them all dead, or that they are responsible for something atrocious that has ruined their nation forever. This is dehumanization; this is what brings men to arms.

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When a person forgets the life behind a homo sapien, they become a body, a target, no children, no parents, no friends, no lover, no personal struggles or life experiences, just a target. The internet has made that dehumanization a much more difficult task, to be able to hop onto any device and be able to communicate with nearly anyone from any nationality, religion, or culture, allows anyone to see people for who they actually are, not some societal or governmental interpretation and construction of that person, who represent that country as a whole.

The speed the world moves at today is beyond comprehension. Our laws and government are so far behind the curve at this point it’s somewhat embarrassing. With the introduction of the internet, communication was forever changed, with the introduction of Bitcoin, currency is forever changed. Modern governments still haven’t caught up to the internet, The Russian government can no longer just “make people disappear,” they struggle to censor what sheds negative light on them. Events rarely occur in isolation anymore, everyone and everything is now connected on a global scale. So while modern governments throw legislations at a network they do not fully understand, it develops further and complicates itself more, and groundbreaking innovations like Bitcoin are introduced.

Technical aspects aside, as there are videos to much better explain that, bitcoin is essentially a global, unmoderated, and decentralized currency. If you are not a user, refer to your most recent online purchase. You most likely used a credit card, or PayPal. These methods require the approval of third parties like PayPal, your credit card company, the bank. Bitcoin requires no such thing; the approval comes from the millions of users and their clients, which write that transaction, and every single bitcoin transaction, into an irreversible log. Euros, Dollars, Pesos, Pounds, Indian Rupees, Yen, etc… These terms are irrelevant in relation to bitcoin, other than perhaps the exchange rate; it is the world’s first global currency.

The truth is, not a single person knows if bitcoin will crash and flop or truly become the currency of the future, but the facts are there are many, many places that accept it, that I personally made over $300 dollars on mining dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based of bitcoin, which is essentially doing nothing, and that I personally know someone who bought a car by doing that. I know that a $20 investment in bitcoin 5 years ago would net you millions today, that bitcoin has funded hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity. But most importantly, I know that bitcoin has made its mark, and will have a lasting effect on the internet, and our relationships with fellow man.

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