The Best 7 Slot Machine Strategies

Slot machines are one of the most popular forms of gambling in casinos, with an estimated $2.5 billion being wagered on them every year in casinos worldwide. They’re also one of the most simple games to understand; you can start playing a slot machine without any knowledge at all! In fact, if you’ve never played slots before, you may want to consider learning how to play before venturing out into the casino floor. There’s nothing scary about slots – they’re just like other types of gambling except that the payout is much higher than what you typically get from Poker Online or craps table games. 

But there’s another reason why slots are so popular in casinos. They’re easy to understand and play, but there are some tricks that will make your odds better. People all over the world spread and believe many falsehoods and outright lies about slot machines and gambling in general. To learn the truth about tips and tricks for slot machines, we dug deep into the subject and conducted a substantial amount of research. This article will list 7 slot machine tips that have been proven to be effective, complete with evidence and sources.

  1. Play the right amount of coins 

When you first sit down at a slot, you’ll notice that there are two buttons to press (usually labeled “Start” and “Spin”). The way these buttons work is pretty straightforward. When you push “start,” the machine starts spinning. You can see this by looking at the “spin” lights beneath each button. As long as you keep pushing “spin” until it stops spinning, you can expect to receive some credit for every coin you place on the machine. Of course, the more coins you put on the machine, the greater your chances of winning. But don’t go crazy, because if you do, you might find yourself spending hours trying to win back your money. If you’re not sure where to stop, simply put enough money on the machine to cover about 30 spins. This should be enough to give you a good idea of whether or not you’re going to hit big. 

If you know that you’re really confident in your ability to win, you can try putting more on the machine. For example, if the slot has a max bet of $25,000 per spin, you could always put $100 on the machine and see if you can beat the jackpot. And even though you won’t get paid instantly, you’ll know for certain that you have a chance at winning something substantial. 

  1. Bet max credits 

A lot of people think that the max bet setting on a slot game determines how many times the machine spins. However, this isn’t true. The max bet only tells the machine how much money you can wager while it’s on a single spin. So if you decide that you want to bet $75,000 on a spin, you’ll still get to spin the machine up to 75 times. The key here is to keep placing bets until you start losing. Once you start losing, you’ve reached your limit and you need to stop betting. 

  1. Practice your strategy 

One of the biggest mistakes that players make is using the same exact strategy every time they play a slot game. This is a bad mistake because no matter how well you know your machine, there’s always some luck involved. Sure, you can use a strategy to increase your odds, but you aren’t guaranteed success. Instead, try changing things up every now and then. Take advantage of new features, change your bet size, play different kinds of games, etc. Just remember that you need to stay calm and relaxed while you’re playing the game. If you lose your cool, you won’t win anything. 

  1. Watch the top payouts 

Most slot machines feature a list of their highest paying symbols. While you may not think that watching the highest paying symbols is very important, it actually can help you improve your overall gameplay. If you watch the highest paying symbols, you’ll notice which ones are winning most frequently. Then you’ll know which symbols to focus on during your next game. 

To find out which symbols are paying the most, look at the bottom of the screen. The symbols are listed in order from left to right. Look for the symbol that pays the most. You can tell which one is paying off the most by its color. Red means that it’s paying the most, green means that it’s paying less, and yellow means that it’s paying somewhere in between. 

  1. Change your bet size 

Sometimes you’ll hear players say that they only bet a few dollars on their slots. Why would someone waste their money on such a small bet? Well, it turns out that there’s a little trick behind it. Many casinos offer comps (free meals) for large bets. If you bet $500, they give you 500 free meals. If you bet $1,000, they give you 1,000 free meals. If you bet $10,000, they give you 10,000 free meals. The point is, you can get some great perks for making huge bets. Plus, if you bet $10,000 on a regular basis, you’ll rack up a ton of free meals. 

  1. Use the bonus rounds 

There are usually two bonus rounds on a slot: a free spins round and a progressive round. Free spins are basically a fun bonus level where you get more chances to win prizes. Progressive rounds award you a prize based on how many coins you’ve won over the course of a number of spins. Both of these bonuses give you extra opportunities to win. Even though they seem kind of similar at first glance, there’s actually quite a bit of difference between them. 

For starters, you typically don’t get any extra spins on a progressive round. So if a progressive jackpot has already been awarded, you can only collect the prize after completing the round. On the other hand, on a free spins round, you get unlimited spins whenever you want. This gives you a lot of flexibility, and you can potentially end up getting an amazing amount of cash. 

  1. Play the minimum bet 

This tip comes from personal experience. I used to play a lot of slots, and I had a habit of putting too much money on the machine. I’d always wonder why I was losing my money, and when I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, it took me a long time to fix it. It turned out that I was putting too much money on the machine because I assumed that I needed to put a certain amount of money on the machine in order to win. But the truth is that you can win on a slot machine with as little as $0.01. The key here is to stick with the minimum bet option. You’ll see that many machines have a minimum bet option, and you can use this whenever you want. It’s not necessary to put all of your money on the machine in order to win.

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