Sports Betting Champ The Good And Bad – Learn about it 

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This is not an official review. This just happens to be my experiences with the Sports Betting Champ betting system. I was referred to this system by a friend of mine that is also very knowledgeable with sports and sports betting. I looked at the site and wrote him back and told him that was a good prank and that a 97{023ad0cafd53bcd7c0b754e5edf796fa23262a37aaadb439489365e8a0762dbc} win rate is not possible. I got an email back from my friend saying he had secretly been using the system despite his initial skepticism and he had been winning more that he ever had in his life. I thought, even if this sports betting system doesn’t work I can return it before 60 days. So I said why the hell not.

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That was six months ago and I am happy that I ended up listening to my friend. Don’t get me wrong this is not the perfect system and it does have its flaws. Like the title says this is the good and the bad. So, if you would rather read one of the many reviews that are just full of hype you should just stop reading now.

Let’s start with he bad.

Cannot bet on every game.

Cannot deviate or change the system (you must follow it exactly).

Need to have a little self control.

You can’t bet on every game and this sometimes becomes a pain. This is because you get quality over quanity. While this is a pain, I learned to understand it serves a purpose. I would rather bet on 40 games that I knew were statistical favorites to win, than bet on 100 games that might win.

That fact that you cannot deviate annoyed my becasue I have learned my own method when it comes to betting. I went into the system thinking that I would just incorporate the Sports Betting Champ system with mine and that would work. I quickly learned that you can not deviate from the system, but if someone as stubborn as me can learn to follow the system exactly so can anyone.

I learned the hard way that you must use self control with this system. I lost some money because I became greedy and quit practicing self control. It became hard to sick to my rule of never betting more than 5{023ad0cafd53bcd7c0b754e5edf796fa23262a37aaadb439489365e8a0762dbc} of my bankroll on any one bet. (I started winning and became greedy and quit following the system)

Now let’s cover the only good point necessary.

I have won more money with this system than any other way of betting.

My win rate is 95{023ad0cafd53bcd7c0b754e5edf796fa23262a37aaadb439489365e8a0762dbc}. This just short of what Jon claims on his site, but I was not getting a 95{023ad0cafd53bcd7c0b754e5edf796fa23262a37aaadb439489365e8a0762dbc} win rate any other way. This last month I have used this system to make $623 – Sports Betting Champ. The amount that I win each month has grown steadily as my bankroll has grow. My first month I started with a small bankroll and only made around $100. Each month my winnings have increased by around $100. (If you have a bigger bankroll to begin with you could imagine the possibilities.)

I have been very happy using Jon’s system, and wanted to write this review to give people a review from a typical person using this system.

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