Pecularities Of Online Gambling With Uigea

The first online casino was created in the USA in the mid-1990s and since that time it has been spreading around the world. In fact today people from the majority of countries in the world have an access to playing gambling games without leaving a comfort of your home. However, several years later after the invention of the first gambling site, U.S. authorities took the first effort to prohibit it at all. And I suppose that almost everyone is aware today of the law UIGEA. And in this article I want to tell you everything about online gambling with UIGEA and the current situation in the United States in this sphere.

Well, American government has been trying to prohibit the operation of USA online casinos since 1998. This year was the first when congressmen introduced an anti-online gaming act. However, this attempt and several others failed, as the Congress simply didn’t have enough time to complete the task. Why did it happen? Why American authorities decided to prohibit the activity of gambling sites? In fact, the reason is quite obvious, as they thought that it is a good way for money laundering and a blow for American economics in spite of existence of other reputable online casino jurisdictions. Were they right or not? Nobody knows. However, the fact is the fact.

The best thing about the online casino is that they offer a variety of games to the players. Players can select the game that they think will be best for them. K7bola is the platform that even provides an option to the player to shift to another game at any time.

2006 was a crucial year for many USA online casino players, and exactly at this time a new bill was passed. In 2006 two congressmen introduced two separate bills with similar content. Certainly, everybody was thinking that it wouldn’t be accepted, but it happened. The Congress united these two bills and worked out a new legislative act called UIGEA, which stands for the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It was a real shock for thousands of gamblers, who used to playing various games, like poker, blackjack, slots and so on at the evenings and days-off.

However, it doesn’t mean that it is absolutely illegal to play online casino games. Everything is on the contrary, as no one has a right to deprive people of the opportunity to play at gambling sites. It would be considered to be a violation of human rights. So the congressmen managed just to restrict the ways of money transfer between a gambler and an online casino. Certainly, it had negative consequences and one of them was that many famous software developing companies like Microgaming and Playtech decided to leave the market and not to accept U.S. customers. The other negative consequence was that it became difficult and very inconvenient to deposit money to the account. However, there are still online casinos accepting American gamblers and they are ready to provide them with all possible opportunities and conveniences.

Let’s take an example. So Real Time Gaming software developer made up the mind to stay and to give its clients a way to play online casino games. It’s great, as now the choice is really big, and you can play in one of the following online casinos in the USA: Go Casino, Online Vegas Casino, Rushmore Casino, Millionaire Casino and several others. All of them are much more convenient that the best traditional gambling establishment in Las Vegas.

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