Most Memorable Moments In History Of World Series Of Poker

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It’s not that hard to make money from poker, and you have only required some skill and knowledge. In the history of the World Series of poker, several moments have happened; in this article, we will discuss the most memorable moments in the history of the World Series of Poker.

When Does the World Series Of Porker Have Been Started?

World Series of Poker is a series of poker tournaments held annually in paradise, Nevada. The idea of the World Series of poker was introduced in 1969 with an event cold Texas gambling reunion held at a hotel and casino in Reno, sponsored by Tom Moore.

The first World Series of Poker tournament was held in 1970 at Binion’s horseshoe, and the winner of this tournament was Johnny Moss. He became the first man in the world to win this series of poker.

  • A Brat Becomes World Champion (1989)

Johnny has entered the 1989 main event as a two-time world champion. For the third continuous year, Chan again enrolled in the tournament; Chan manoeuvred through the 178-players field and found himself playing for the Title of world champion.

But this time, his fight was with most young unknown named Phillip Jerome Hellmuth Jr. He was only 23 years old and won the match with $755,000 and became the youngest world champion of poker.

  • Bill Boyd; The One-Man event (1973)

In 1973 Bill Boyd was known as one of the best limit 5-card stud players. He was an amazing player, and in 1971 he defeated ten players in an entrance tournament of $1k. after that tournament, he started playing big matches. He played a $10k 5-card tournament in 1972 and won.

Boyd made a $10k tournament, the smallest tournament in the World Series of poker, as he was the only player in this tournament. Nevertheless, he has invested $1000 and cashed the same amount. It became a historical moment because, after that tournament, the world series of poker has not organised a 5-card stud tournament.

  • Annette Obrestad: The Youngest Bracelet Winner (2008)

As we have seen earlier in the article, Phil Hellmuth was the youngest world champion, but his record was broken several times. Annette Obrestad is a Norwegian poker player, who participated in the World Series of Poker Europe, the main event in London in 2008. And became the youngest player by winning this tournament on her 19th birthday.

Unlike a WSOP, World Series of Poker Europe give bracelets to the winner, and in the history of poker, Obrestad has become the youngest bracelets winner. However, her record lasts for a long time due to 21 years old age restriction in Las Vegas.

  • Barbara Enright: A Best Female Player (1995)

Barbara Enright joined the tournament in 1995 and became the first woman to reach the final game of the World Series of poker with an opportunity to break the men’s record. She has won three bracelets and finished the tournament at 5th place, and became the most successful female in the history of poker.

No more women could even come closer to Barbara Enright except Annie Duke. She was a girl who was the only girl after Barbara to reach the final tournament of the World Series of Poker. She finished the tournament in 10th place in 2002.

  • Jack Straus: Won A Match With Single Chip (1982)

You will always have an opportunity if you have more chips in a poker game. However, you might not be aware of how in the World Series of Poker event in 1982, the Jack Treetop Strays had made a comeback with one single chip and won the main event with $520,000, which was also an iconic moment in the history of poker.

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