Mega Casino Review – Check the reviews of the casino 

Mega casino is one of the biggest non-US online casinos. This casino is established in Malta with its huge collection of games and great bonuses for new players. There is something we should know about this casino which is about its player restriction. For some of us who are apparently love to gamble in the US region, Mega casino doesn’t provide any services for US players hence it is a bit of a disappointment. However, this online casino still have a huge amount of players since it offers lots of games with generous bonuses both for new players and veteran players. This casino can be found at

For the playing of the games at situs slot online terbaik indonesia, there is a need to check the reviews and ratings of the platform. The picking of the right platform is possible for the players. The winning of more real cash and rewards is possible for all the gamblers. 


Now we are talking about games which can be found in this online casino. The game varies where it encompasses three big divisions of online casino games: video poker, table games, and slot games. The software which is being used for running those games is called as SkillOnNet. Most of the games in this online casino is luck-based games with one of the largest collection of casino games. The first division is the video poker where players can play in either multi-hand or single-hand denomination. The only downside is the lack of variation. Another division is the table games. Mega casino has been widely known for its table games. Yes, we can almost find any table games that we won’t to bet our money on in the online casino. Some games also have other variations such as BlackJack which comes with three game style. The last game division is the slot games. We can find many types of this game only on Mega Casino, ranging from video slot games until three-reel games. To sum it all, Mega casino offers great collection on both table games and slot games but lack of variation in its video poker.


Another thing to be noted about Mega Casino is the bonus. The welcome bonus for new players is very decent where it offers a €2000 for every new player. Another great bonus from this casino is the free spin. Yes, we rarely see online casino offers this kind of bonus where Mega Casino happens to be the one who offers this very generous bonus. 160 free spins will be given to every new player by only inserting the given codes. There are also some bonus codes which can be used. The bonus ranges from 10 until 50 where it depends on the money that we use to play. The AutoCash feature completes the decency of this casino bonuses which is also the reason why many people, especially European, stay for a long period of time in this online casino. To sum it all, Mega Casino should be considered as an online casino for new players since all the bonuses are too good to be missed.

Payment Method

The last thing to be noted is the payment method. This is also actually what appears to be the main selling point of Mega Casino. It offers more than 10 payment methods which can be used to start playing on this game. It means that we don’t need to create another new account on a certain payment service provider in order to start playing those slots or poker where almost every possible payment providers can be used in this casino. To sum it all, there are no reasons not to play games on this casino since numerous of payment methods are available.

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