Is Buying Datamined Hands In Poker Considered Cheating

Data mining was one of my greatest weapons when playing full-time. I even went so far as to hire my own private data mining specialist. That was 2 years ago. Shared his services with some friends, but it has cost around 300$ per month! Now you might think this sounds like a lot, but we made the money back literally a million times. We knew EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY when it came to a 안전놀이터 for poker. Scary, right? If you asked me how much your neighbor won the last 3 days or how many percent of hands he played, be damn sure that I KNEW IT. Now although I would rather make it sound like we had a secret system, I have to admit that everybody could have done this. 

All it takes is time a computer and a program that is LEGAL and that everybody can use. We were not brilliant. We were just TAKING ACTION and not being lazy. Fast forward. Today you can obtain the same quality of information for 30$. Technology makes it possible. It’s insane. But it’s even more insane to see people not taking advantage of it. Remember, we used to pay 300$ a person EVERY single month.

The advantage of buying & having data-mined hands:

When I played high limits, data mining was not a miracle anymore. But 99,99999999} of people do NOT play high limits. So that’s just for the nitpickers who might say data mining isn’t the non plus ultra for everybody. No, not everybody, but pretty much everybody! Up to this day, I don’t know why. This laziness of people had made me a ton of money. Think about. You go to war and your opponent already knows where you will throw bombs. 

They already know where your best troops are. They know when you’re bluffing. They know it all! The sick part is, they know it before the war has even started! You can do the same at the poker table. You can have your opponent’s strategy presented to you on a silver platter. Today it is easier than ever to obtain this information, yet just a few do. This will be one of the things that ill take into my grave without ever really understanding.

How to take advantage of the data-mined hands

Once a secret technology is publicly available, for cheap, it is almost mandatory to get it. Everybody can be using it and you’re the sucker if you don’t. This creates pressure that many of us don’t like. It’s like not having a cell phone. People look at you like you’re from Mars. You need it these days. It’s a tool for communication. Like it or not. Similar with data mined hands. In the online poker environment, it’s an industry standard. Without it, you are at a huge disadvantage. A disadvantage that you can’t really make up for. The easiest way to provide proof for my thesis is to look at how many people complain about poker table ratings! Just look. Many people moan and despise the fact that everything will get tracked. The clear downside to data mining is that people will not play with you once they find out that you’re one of the top winners. You are maybe surprised that I didn’t complain. It’s simple, I DO NOT complain about things I can’t change. My strategy in life is to change the things that I can change. The best strategy for poker is to take advantage of what is presented to you.

Personally, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with technical stuff of that nature anymore. I even hated to configure and install Poker Tracker and later Holdem manager. But, I did have a professional attitude and despite not liking it, I tortured myself to set up and configure myself a decent environment. It was a duty, not a pleasure. One great thing that I was always able to rely on was the laziness of my competition. And no matter how tough games will get, this is one variable that you can also always rely on. People will always be careless. People will always wait.

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