Five Of The Strangest Bets We’ve Seen So Far

When we gamble, we are often content with money or bitcoin for a wager. Some gamblers, however, make other players look like toddlers in the playground based on what they bet. These gamblers made bets that are so out of this world that they made it to the “Weirdest Bets in Casino Ever” book. In this article, we list down these strange bets made on judi online ever.

All or nothing

Ashley Revell became famous in 2004 when he decided to literally get rid of everything he owned—his car, house, television, clothes. He emptied his bank account and traveled to Las Vegas to place his life savings amounting to $135,300 on a game of roulette. He bet it all on red and waited for the roulette wheel to stop spinning. Lucky for him, red 7 came up and he doubled his money. After he won, he opened his own online casino site.

Poker face

They say that poker is a man’s game and nobody else proved it better than the man who wagered that he could carry a red hot poker in his mouth to the other side of the village market back in 1784. Despite the pain, he won the bet, but he died the next day due to injuries.

The $10,000 Burger

Poker is one of the most stressful casino games and even the superstars, who are raking in thousands of dollars from this game, are not spared from it. Take for example poker legend, Howard Lederer.

Lederer is a force to be reckoned with in the poker table, but the static lifestyle of the games took its toll on his health. He became obese and doctors told him that it does not lose hundreds of pounds and become a vegetarian, he would die within years. Ever the competitor, Lederer underwent gastric bypass, started becoming vegetarian, and exercised regularly. Fellow poker player David Grey, however, tried to mock him by betting $10,000 that he wouldn’t eat a burger, boy was Grey wrong! Lederer grabbed the burger, wolfed it down, got his money, and went back to his diet.

Try living in a remote place for a month

John Hennigan was a well-known Las Vegas high-stakes gambler and nightlife aficionado. When his friends bet him $100,000 that he couldn’t live in Des Moines, Iowa for six weeks, he accepted.

Fortunately for his friends, they knew him quite well. Just after two days, he returned and gave his friends the money that he owed them.

Breast implants for bets

In 1997, gambler Brian Zembic and a buddy got into an argument about breast implants and a challenge was made. The bet was to get 38Cs breast implants and keep them for a year. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Zembic, he won the bet and got $100,000. He even kept the implants after the year was up and used them as a conversation piece.

Now, if you think that gambling and betting are only found in the four corners of a casino, think again! The wager could be anything!

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