Betting On The Hot Woman – Know about the betting methods 

Craps players are universally known for being the most suspicious of all casino patrons. It’s unclear why, but if you’re ever in doubt about how violently and seriously craps players take their superstitions and myths, then go and blithely mention the number seven the next time you’re at the craps table. Chances are, you’ll get a bunch of very dirty glances at best, and at worst you’ll be chased around the casino floors by an angry mob of witch-hunting Puritans, probably enough to make the Salem witch trials seem like an afternoon picnic.

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One of the craps superstitions that holds a certain universality states that a first-time, female craps shooter (particularly one who is gorgeous) will have good luck at the craps table and that all players looking for a sizable and substantial return on their wagers should follow her on the table It’s called the Virgin Principal, and it seems to be one of many expressions of transcultural interest and even obsession in virginity and that the so-called loss of innocence

In medical terms, of course, a virgin is one who has not yet partaken of sexual intercourse. Virgins are sexual blank slates, unfettered by the troubles and woes of past relationships and untainted by the semen of illicit lovers. In a craps context, a virgin player is one who has not been corrupted by the casino, one whose nave ignorance and limited knowledge puts her in a unique position of gaining the favor of chance. In many cultures, the concept of virginity is tied closely with family reputation, and the loss of virginity by contrast tends to shame and embarrass the offending woman’s relations. The rule was so fast and absolute in certain societies that a virgin woman who had been raped had to by law be married to her rapist in order to condone for the offensive act.

In modern Western culture, the ideations behind virginity seem to remain quite strong even today. In 2004 for instance a lesbian student from the University of Bristol “sold” the virginity online for close on 10,000 pounds! It’s not the sexual act that’s fundamental here, it’s the idea of marrying one’s own body and soul with purity – an untarnished vessel, one who has never “known” another.

In the context of craps, we would need to ask ourselves how long a virgin craps player remains so. After one roll of the dice? After a single round? After an evening’s play? Interrogate these superstitions just a little bit and there are loads of holes and inconsistencies that come to bear upon this pervasive belief. And do we believe that busty blonde when she claims innocence and ignorance even as she sidles up intimately with the highroller in the corner? It’s a tough question, and will leave it in your hands to one set for yourself. Mathematically, we don’t buy it. But if you prefer a nonrational view of the world, by all means bet on the virgin shooter… we wish you many financial offspring!

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