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Badugi recently emerged in the world of online poker –although the game has been around for quite some time—and has gained some popularity based on its originality, and newness. It’s also one of the least known poker games which gives its practitioners a huge edge over the lesser skilled competition, and also brings a lot of total beginners to its tables. The choosing of the poker rooms at the download mega8882 should be after proper research to have the benefits. There are innovative and exciting games available for the beginners at the platform. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the players. 

Badugi is spread in at all the major US poker sites, so what we have done is ranked the best online poker sites for Badugi players based on a number of vital criteria like player traffic, stakes offered, card-room promotions, and reputation. For Badugi players, or players trying to learn the game, the poker sites with Badugi listed below are your best bet.

Badugi Poker Basics

Badugi is played quite differently from most poker variants you are probably aware of, or have played in the past, but the most interesting wrinkle is not the game-play but how hand strength is ranked. The simplest explanation of Badugi is that it is a form of Triple-Draw Lowball played with four cards, but this is only half the story.

The key to Badugi is that all four of your cards are different suits, and the best possible hand in Badugi is an A-2-3-4 of four different suits. Any hand with four different suits, regardless of the rank of the cards, beats a hand with two or more of the same suit –So, a K-Q-J-5 of different suits beats an A-2-3-4 with two cards of the same suit. Hand strength goes in descending order in Badugi, so an 8-6-3-A beats a 10-3-2-A, and a 7-5-4-3 beats a 7-6-3-2. If both players have two of the same suit the best hand is determined by using the best 3-Card hand, ignoring the higher ranking card of the same suit –remember it’s a Lowball game!

A hand of Badugi starts out with each player receiving four hidden cards followed by a round of betting. The remaining players can then discard from 0-4 cards which will be replaced with fresh cards from the deck, again followed by a round of betting. This is repeated a total of three times –hence Triple Draw—and at the conclusion any remaining players will turn up their hands to declare a winner.

#1 Poker Room for Badugi – PokerStars

Pokerstars ( is one of the few online poker rooms that offers the game of Badugi, and I have to say the action at the PokerStars Badugi tables is quite juicy. With so many players populating the site you’ll almost always find a few players who have wandered into the Badugi games, and have no clue how the game is played.

Badugi players all qualify for Pokerstars signup bonus of $600 as well as immediately enrolling in the Pokerstars VIP club and gaining entries to numerous freerolls and other great promotions.

#2 Poker Room for Badugi – Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker ( is one of the only other poker rooms besides PokerStars that can get a Badugi game going. The action at Carbon Poker’s Badugi tables is much looser than at PokerStars, and the great promotions on offer at the best Merge poker site make it a great place at which to play Badugi online.

Having a small player base will also help players who are really strong Badugi players, since you’ll have a very good read on your opponents’ tendencies from spending countless hours playing against them. So even because of the number of absolute donkeys sitting at the Badugi tables at Carbon Poker, even average players will still be able to find edges.

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